About us

You can find us at Hungary, Székesfehérvár, Alba Industry park. Our interests is metal machining, and we deal with component production.

We have different types of CNC milling and turning centres, what can be used for long or short type of profiles milling or several diametres and lenght turning. The material could be different type of steel, iron, aluminum, doesnt really matters if our suppliers can ship us the order, we can work with it.
Some traditional machines still in use like cylindrical grinding machines, standard grinding machines, lathes, milling and cutting machines.
On the upper floor we have an assembly section, there we make parts like cleaning, filtering, oiling units mainly to industrial printers.
In the early stage of the company our task was the technical support and securing the information flow between our German partner company and its Hungarian partners. The market and our partner company needs changed over the years, so it also changed our scope of activities. We started to expanding, new tools and machines was founded, we found a new way in the industries. Right now we have 60 co-workers. We also started to designing PLC controlled automatic and half automatic specialized machines, they made the jobs easier and faster so was profitable, and we also started investing in CNC machining centres. Now to our own products we also develope unique machines to help the quality checking or the producing, if its there a real purpose.

More than 15 years.

Our company was founded at 2001 with only 8 people. It started as a completly hungarian limited liability company.

Quality assurance and control

We have ISO 9001:2015 certification from TÜV, which is guarantee our system functioning right, and also we have ISO 14001:2015 enviroment management system.


CNC machining

This is our main profile, our machining plant is ready any complicated, unique parts or high quantity series production.

Quality assurance

Our colleges specialized for this area would do anything for the products and the quality, to be appropriate for our customers.


Assembling particular plastic parts, which are requring high precision, flimsy metal threads lining and boxing, clueing, soldering.

Traditional works

For quality work to low quantity unique pieces we can use traditional lathes, milling machines and grinders.

Measuring room

Climatized room, fit to the standards with profile projektor, contour and surface roughness measuring machines and traditional tools.

Specialized machines

For the smoother processes we apply unique designed machines to automatize and ease them.

CNC machines at the factory

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Star SR-20II CNC turning

Fanuc 18 i controls

Swiss type lathe with automatic feeder, chuck size is D2 to D20, at least for 2 milimetres and 2 metres long parts in linear is only possible. Because of the positionable axis of rotation (C axis) and counterspindle, after turning a piece its possible to do some milling or drilling processes too.

Mori Seiki ZL-15 SM CNC turning machine

Fanuc 16 i controls

CNC turning maching with automatic feeder and slant bed. Chuck sizes: D3 to D32, D36, D40, in linear: at least 7 milimetres, maximum 300 milimetres long parts is possible. 2 + 2 axis with counterspindle and C axis, its possible to drill some holes or threads after turning.

YCM MV-106 CNC milling

Fanuc 21 i controls

CNC milling machine with belt drive, drum type tool magazine which is working with arm type tool changer and it have 30 seats for tools. Cooling liquid is in use, if its neccessary we also have tools with inner cooling.
Positionable 4 axis, range of motions: X – 1000 mm,
Y – 600 mm, Z – 600 mm.

Spinner U5-1520 CNC milling machine

Siemens 840D SL controls

CNC milling machine with gear drive, drum type tool magazine, working with arm type tool changer, it could contain 32 tools. There is two kind of tables in the machine, one of them is fixed, the other could be rotated in different positions.
Positionable 5 axis, range of motions: X – 1520 mm,
Y – 520 mm, Z – 460 mm

Emmegi Kelt 6500 CNC profile machining center

Kelt controls

CNC milling machine with electric motor, drum type tool magazin with arm type tool changer, only working with 6 tools. For cooling liquid it uses oil, so it have better conductive properties than emulsion fluid, which is good for aluminium parts.
Continous 3 axis, range of motions: X – 6500 mm,
Y – 536 mm, Z – 424 mm

Pressta Eisele Emmegi CNC cutting machine

Pressta controls

CNC cutting machine with electric motor. The blades could be set up in different angles, which can ease the process and redound the miller collegues work. Automatic feeder, its possible to work with aluminum, steel or acid-proof materials.
Two blades, range of motions: X – 5000mm, Y – 190 mm,
Z – 120 mm