Environmental policy




Special attention and a role must be given to environmental thinking. The responsibility towards the environment is reflected in all the activities of our company.

We define environmental goals and programmes that enable continuous improvement of environmental performance and reduction of environmental pollution. We review these goals and programmes every year so that we can further develop them while taking into account legislative changes.

During the production, we use activities that are safe and have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Our strategy:

  • we collect waste while avoiding environmental pollution and hand it over to a company with a waste acceptance permit for treatment, disposal, and utilization.
  • we reduce or minimize the impacts on the environment, within this we handle the production of scrap and waste with great care and strive to recycle them
  • during our production process, we pay attention to using natural resources and energy as economically as possible, and to continuously reduce all kinds of emissions.
  • we periodically check and update our environmental policy, we monitor and meet legal requirements, official regulations and relevant regulations.
  • we keep in mind compliance with environmental regulations when choosing our suppliers
  • we ensure a working environment that promotes efficient work.
  • we cooperate in solving the environmental problems of the settlement and the region and, to the extent possible, help our business partners to carry out their work in accordance with the environmental expectations.

 The consistent implementation of our environmental policy also affects the market position of our company. That is why the management of the company decided to create an integrated quality management and environmental management system.

Litze Ltd. does not consider the adoption of the ISO 14001:2015 environment management system as a task to be solved, but as an essential condition that is integrated into all its activities, and which is required by all of its employees to identify with.

We develop the environmental management procedures related to this and after the approval of our management we introduce them to our employees within the framework of a training after which we order their application.


Székesfehérvár, 12.04.2023