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Our company engineers are waiting your quotation to get ready for the manufacturing, even if it is a challenge for other companies, we try out everything. In the gallery, our already finished parts could be checked if you are interested in our work. It doesnt matter if its Hungary or the rest of the world, the parts will shipped out for the agreed appointment.


More than 15 years

Reliable colleges for years now, the atmosphere is like a big family. We are up to date, happy to start new kind of things, even if we are not fully equipped to it, our CNC machinist experts find a way.

High quality

We have measuring room installed for the standards, our professional team has prepared to almost everything, so we can guarantee the best quality for every parts we send out.

Flexibility, efficiency

The customer always principal for us. We perform everything for the terms of agreement and fulfill the ordered quantitys smooth shipping.

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Our partners

Our goals

We looking for new, exciting challenges which can improve our company, so we can settle in a deternative rule at the market. We would like to fulfill our machines with constant works, then we will be ready to make some new expansions, including new machines also. Our arrengements are long term, right now we are prepared to series and sample or unique production also, it doesnt really matter high or lower quantity. Our expectations was always high in front of ourself, we endevour to pass the best ideas, plans as to ourself, as to the customer. In Székesfehérvár, the industry parks are flourishing which is setting up a nice competition, and we are happy to be the part of it.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is distinct, depending on the complexity of the pieces and the response time from our suppliers. It could be 1-2 days, if its fitting the criteria.
At weekdays, you can call the office from 8 AM to 4 PM, you can find our numbers at the top of the website.
We are at Hungary, Székesfehérvár at the Alba Industry park, next to the M7 highway, in front of Metalobox.