Quality policy




At our company, we pay the greatest attention to the quality of our products and the related services, therefore quality management is one of the keystones of our company policy. To this end, we have developed and operate a quality management system complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our most important goal is to fully satisfy customer requirements, to strengthen our company’s success, and to stand out in the market competition through recognition.

We have set the following goals to trustful cooperate with our partners and customers:

  • to fully satisfy our customer requirements, or rather to ensure their long-term satisfaction
  • to strengthen the quality awareness by the employees’ own responsibility for the product, or thus the continuous improvement of quality
  • to develop and regularly monitor the production processes
  • to ensure long-term relationships with certified companies, or building new relationships
  • to increase productivity through modern technical equipment, or minimize and eliminate errors by introducing error prevention measures.

All employees within the company must take into account and follow the guidelines and instructions. With the motivated cooperation of our employees, we achieve high product quality and compliance with customer wishes. It is the right and duty of every employee to draw attention to any problem that:

  • may impair the quality of the product or can have negative consequences in quality, as well as
  • propose, introduce, or have measures introduced to prevent and avoid the problems that may occur.

 This way, it is ensured that the errors become known in time and so it is possible to avoid them, prevent them, or they can be prevented before they appear.

Further education is extremely important in individual fields. Well-educated, reliable and independent employees are also the basis of a good and successful partnership with customers.

LITZE Kft. keeps in mind the fulfillment of the appropriate ergonomic needs of the collegues and the existence of a fair quality work environment, thus esteeming the commitment of the employees and appreciating our employees.


Székesfehérvár, 12.04.2023.