Assembly section


Our main profile was the assembly section, which is still working nowadays in an updated version. It’s a secure background for the company, works are continously recurring so we can guarantee quality components.
Precision parts assembling with different special machines designed by ourself and automatization the processes – it’s a well tried method, now functioning for years. If there’s some claim we could expand our substand, in exchange it should be a long term job.

  • Punched aluminum tube covered by felt which has to be cut for exact size, the end are turned in and wrapped, made by our machining plant, then built up in the assembly section.

  • Assembling operating printer heads, aligning plastic components to aluminum rods or special screws then wrapping up and putting it in a box.

  • Different type and sized aluminum profiles, composing with plastic braces, rubber tongue. We riveting them in the right position, then sorting them in different type of sets defined by our customer, then wrapping up and box them.