CNC machining


We can process aluminium profiles, plastic components and acid proof steel parts.

CNC machines at the factory

We have wide range of CNC machines. Do not hesitate to contact us for your further needs and requirements!

Swiss type lathe with automatic feeder, chuck size is D2 to D20, for 2 minimum mm and maximum 2 m long parts. Because of the positionable axis of rotation (C axis) and counterspindle, after turning a piece its possible to do some milling or drilling processes on these machines.

Star SR-20II CNC turning machine
Fanuc 18 i controls

CNC turning maching with automatic feeder and slant bed. Chuck sizes: D3 to D32, D36, D40, in linear: at least 7 milimetres, maximum 300 milimetres long parts is possible. 2 + 2 axis with counterspindle and C axis, its possible to drill some holes or threads after turning.

Mori Seiki ZL-15 SM CNC turning machine
Fanuc 16 i controls

CNC milling machine with belt drive, drum type tool magazine which is working with arm type tool changer and it have 30 seats for tools. Cooling liquid is in use, if its neccessary we also have tools with inner cooling.
Positionable 4 axis, range of motions: X – 1000 mm, Y – 600 mm, Z – 600 mm.

YCM MV-106 CNC milling machine
Fanuc 21 i controls

CNC milling machine with gear drive, drum type tool magazine, working with arm type tool changer, it could contain 32 tools. There is two kind of tables in the machine, one of them is fixed, the other could be rotated in different positions.
Positionable 5 axis, range of motions: X – 1520 mm, Y – 520 mm, Z – 460 mm

Spinner U5-1520 CNC milling machine
Siemens 840D SL controls

CNC milling machine with electric motor, drum type tool magazin with arm type tool changer, only working with 6 tools. For cooling liquid it uses oil, so it have better conductive properties than emulsion fluid, which is good for aluminium parts.
Continous 3 axis, range of motions: X – 6500 mm, Y – 536 mm, Z – 424 mm

Emmegi Kelt 6500 CNC profile machining center
Kelt controls

CNC cutting machine with electric motor. The blades could be set up in different angles, which can ease the process and redound the miller collegues work. Automatic feeder, its possible to work with aluminum, steel or acid-proof materials.
Two blades, range of motions: X – 5000mm, Y – 190 mm, Z – 120 mm

Pressta Eisele Emmegi CNC cutting machine
Pressta controls