CNC machining


In the early phase we assembled some constructions to our partner company. They came from different places, we made it and wrapped it as needed, packed it to boxes and they were ready for shipping.

The constant delivering was uneconomical so the company bought the first turning machine as a great development.

CNC turning machines supported the assembling section, we were turning parts successfully, made the constructions and fulfilled the shipping. Time to time we had some complications like all other company have, but never have something what we cant solve.

Nowaday more than twenty CNC machines are ready for work, this is the consequence that our machining spectrum is really wide.

The main machine types:

  1. NCT
  2. Chiron
  3. Spinner
  4. YCM
  5. Emmegi
  6. Elumatec
  7. Star

The number of axis and the range of motions could be different, please check the link down below for more information.

Our machines are always working under supervision, they have nice conditioning because of the sequential maintenance. We have unique maintenance plan for different machines, which is controlled by ISO quality management system. Our clamping devices and appliances are made from high quality material, we are machining them in our place, so if there is any modification probably we can solve it. In some cases, if theres a unique instrument what we need, we have possibility to modify them.

Range of motion and properties of our machine.