Quality assurance


We have ISO 14001:2015 certification from TÜV, which can guarantee that our quality system properly working, furthermore our Environment management system is also started so we are contributing to make the planet better. We use measuring report for all of our parts with the given periodic interval to check them. We made our processes to be simple and be sure our customers is satisfied. In the applied contol plans we use manual measuring instruments and other tools like: 3D measuring machine, profile projektor, contour meter.

Our leadership committed about quality, but what kind of quality?
Quality management system is what you can find at every company, enterprise or economic organization. Without these basic rules the company couldnt work properly, the leadership would have less information, it would not be possible to production planning, taking orders or even fulfill them. In the ISO system these standard operating methods are summarized, observed and be sure that other companies also comply to the standards of the management system.
The ISO 14001 Quality assurance and managing system is a frame to our company work processes.
For us the customer is the most important, an effective quality system looking after your special requirements or the direction of developments.